Tokyo Dome City: best choice for a family trip! Enjoy various forms of entertainment

Tokyo Dome City is an extensive entertainment city where every family member enjoys. You can go to an amusement park, go shopping, relax in spa, watch sports games, and do things of the sort there.

In this article, we will introduce the many different ways to enjoy in Tokyo dome city.

A wonderful city offering different types of entertainment

There are a stadium for baseball games and music concerts, an amusement park, shopping areas, a spa complex and hotels in Tokyo Dome City. It is basically an entertainment complex to fit everyone’s need. It is simply impossible to enjoy all the facilities in one day, so here we are going to introduce one by one the recommended spots for every member of your family.

For kids: an amusement park with roller coasters, haunted houses, etc…

First, the amusement park “Tokyo Dome City Attractions” is highly recommended for children. There is a variety of attractions ranging from thrilling roller coasters to mild games for small kids. The kids must be happy like a dream playing in Tokyo Dome City Attractions. Of course, adults will enjoy too!

For girls: enjoy shopping and crepes

For girls who are interested in fashion, don’t you think shopping is an excellent idea? LaQua is a shopping area where the most trendy clothes are available. There are plenty of choices of not only clothes, but also beauty goods offered by the 50 shops there. It is just perfect to enjoy the tasty crepes there after shopping! Girls, let’s start your fashion journey!

For boys: the holy land of Japanese combat sports

The Korakuen Hall in Tokyo Dome City is called “the holy land of Japanese combat sports”. Many of the greatest combat sports games ever were held there, and that’s how it got the name. It is highly recommended to watch an exciting combat sports game in the Korakuen Hall!

For mothers: relax in a luxurious spa

To thank your mother for her hard work on taking care of everyone in the family, how about giving her a trip as a present? Bring her to Spa LaQua! Nothing beats a relaxing spa to recover from the hard work.

For fathers: watch baseball games at ease

Tokyo Dome is the best known facility in Tokyo Dome City. It is where popular artists’ concerts and professional baseball games are held. Here the recommendation for fathers is to enjoy watching a baseball game, with delicious beer and snacks.

Many other options for the whole family to enjoy

After introducing the activities for each family member, of course, there is something for the whole family to have fun together. How about enjoying the amazing space in the museum TeNQ, or going bowling in Tokyo Dome Bowling Center with your family?

During Christmas season, there is dazzling illumination lighting up the whole Tokyo Dome City. It is a must-see!

Fast and easy access

Tokyo Dome City is located near Suidoubashi station. From Tokyo station, it is just a 10-minute train ride. Tokyo Dome City is right outside the station, so you don’t have to worry about how to get there.

The ideal destination for a family trip

Offering amusement facilities to fathers, mothers, sister, brothers and small kids, Tokyo Dome City is the best choice for a family trip to Japan. Located in the centre of Tokyo, super fast and easy access is also one of the merits. For your next family trip, fly with DeNA TRAVEL to Tokyo Dome City!