Commemorate 100th anniversary of cherry blossoms at Hirosaki

Cherry blossoms at Hirosaki are said to be one of the best in Japan for one reason. That is, cherry blossom events are held in Hirosaki every year and this year marks the 100th anniversary for this event! It is the best time to visit Hirosaki for a memorable celebration of spring.

Japan's most beautiful cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms or sakura are flowers that represent “spring” in Japan and there are many sakura-viewing spots all over the country. Among these places, there are some things at Hirosaki that makes this place outstand others, making it Japan’s top spot for sakura viewing.

The question is, how did it become Japan’s number one?

The answer is, their excellence in management.

Hirosaki is also known for their apple cultivation, also serving as the best in quality for a long history. Since they had positive feedback on their management, the quality of preserving the sakura trees are perfect.

The honorable management technology continues

In Hirosaki, one technique used for managing trees is pruning. Pruning encourages the growth of healthy trees as it involves selective removal of certain parts of a plant to sustain its health and reducing risk of damage to the plant.

“Do you think sakuras will still be pretty if they are pruned?”

The reality isn’t that sweet. Sakura trees are very delicate. If you happen to remove the wrong part, they wither.

Actually, it took half a century for Hirosaki’s craftsmen to overcome the major obstacles. Hesitate no more and let’s go to Hirosaki for Japan’s number one’s sakura!

Enjoy the "best" cherry blossoms under a castle

The best place to see sakuras at Hirosaki is at Hirosaki Park. There, you can see Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki-jo) and there are many sakura trees planted around the castle. Free admission to all areas except the inside and botanical garden so take your time around!

The annual “Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival” is held from April 23rd to May 7th this year. This marks the 100th anniversary of this event and in commemoration of this occasion, the period of this event has been extended from previous years.

During this period, there is a sakura light-up event which starts from sunset until 22:00. With the help of lighting technology, the sakuras will shine even brighter at night.

There's more to see at Hirosaki – the oldest cherry blossom tree

The common species of sakura trees in Japan are called “Somei-Yoshino” sakuras. The lifespan of Somei-Yoshino sakura trees are around 60 to 80 years. However at Hirosaki, Somei-Yoshino sakura trees are slightly different…

In Hirosaki park, sakura trees here live for around 100 years – thanks to the pruning and management technology here!  This is not only one single tree, but over 300 sakura trees in this park. Some of these include the oldest Somei-Yoshino sakura trees in Japan.

The landscape around the castle

Most of the castles in Japan are surrounded by a pond or “hori”. Originally, it was a facility to prevent against attacks from enemies, in the present it is a stage device that brings out the charm of cherry blossoms on its water reflection in spring.

Travelling to Hirosaki

Hirosaki is located in Aomori prefecture in Tohoku region. If you are in Tokyo, you can take the airplane, bus or train. The flight to Hirosaki from Tokyo takes around 2 hours, but if you don’t mind getting there a little later, we recommend you to take the Shinkansen. From Tokyo station, it is a 4-hour ride to Shin-Aomori station and there you can change to the local train to Hirosaki.

If you are on a tight budget, there is another option. You can take the bus from Tokyo to Hirosaki which will take around 10 hours.

If you are looking for the best cherry blossom in Japan, visit Hirosaki

In spring, there are countless numbers of sakura-viewing spots in Japan, but the country’s best place to see sakuras is at Hirosaki.

There is still time for you to visit the sakura festival in Hirosaki, don’t hesitate to get your tickets here DeNA TRAVEL!