Four best viewpoints of the night view of Tokyo: Enjoy night view with the sea in Harumi and Kachidoki Bridge area

When speaking of night view, what most people have in mind is, getting to higher places like skyscrapers and peaks is the best way to enjoy night view. Of course the city night view is a nice overlook from the top. But the thing is, it is not the only way to enjoy a wonderful night view! What about enjoying it along the coast? The area around Harumi and Kachidoki Bridge in Tokyo faces the ocean and has high reputation for its magnificent night view – the reflection of the landscape on the water surface is just stunning. This time, we are going to introduce several viewpoints of night view, including the most well-known ones and the most secret ones!

1: Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal – the most classic spot in Harumi area

At “Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal (晴海客船ターミナル)”, where luxurious passenger ships and cruise ships park, it is fun just looking at ships coming and going, and the night view there further makes it a not-to-miss spot! From the main lounge which is mainly made with glass, you can see shining buildings along the coast, contrasting with the darkness of the sea.

Do not forget to enjoy such a romantic scenery from the rooftop observation deck – the panoramic night view of Tokyo spreads in front of your eyes! Good news is, admission is free there. Just remember to pay attention to the opening hours – it is not open at weekday nights except from late July to August.

The most recommended place to appreciate the beautiful night view at Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal is “Sogei Deck (送迎デッキ)”. It is so convenient that you can stop by there anytime, regardless of the business hours, to enjoy the fascinating night view and feel the cosy sea breeze.

From the deck you can enjoy the panoramic coastal night view of Tokyo – in 180 degrees! Reflected on the sea surface, the lit-up bridge in front of your eyes is especially enchanting, colouring the sea! The colourfully shining bridge is named “Rainbow Bridge” and it is in fact a representative tourist attraction for night view in Tokyo. There are several viewing spots of “Rainbow Bridge”, whereas among all, the view from Harumi is overwhelming for that the bridge can be seen from its side. Let’s enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the quiet night and listen to the waves!

What is more, the night view you can enjoy here is completely different from what you will see in the city, and the magic moment here is definitely the highlight!

There is an architectural object at the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal. Made of stainless steel material, the object reflects light like a mirror does. There are boxes in different sizes attached to the pillars, and when the wind blows, the boxes will be rotating with the wind. How about shooting such a dynamic monument with the orange sunset together? It must be a masterpiece!

Access to Harumi Terminal

The access to Harumi Terminal by train is a bit difficult, as you will need to transfer to a bus to get there. Outside Marunouchi South Exit at Tokyo station, get on a bus bound for Harumi. You will arrive at the “Harumi Terminal” bus stop in about 25 minutes, and Harumi Terminal is just at the bus stop.

2: Kachidoki Bridge – the best selected spot in Harumi area

Go further to the north from Harumi Terminal, you reach “Kachidoki Bridge (勝鬨橋)”, the largest bascule bridge in Japan. “Bascule bridge” is a movable bridge of which the two sides are able to bounce up in order to provide clearance for boat traffic, especially sizable boats. Bascule bridge is designed for places which emphasize river traffic rather than land transportation. In fact, for the case of Kachidoki Bridge, the last time it bounces up was on November 29, 1975, and it no longer does so afterwards, until now.

At night, Kachidoki Bridge is lit-up with green and blue light, and the wonderfully-designed arc of it is reflected on the water surface of the sea.

Do not miss to appreciate Kachidoki Bridge with the following most recommended scenery: the buildings near the bridge, a cruise under the bridge, and the Tokyo Tower standing far away! The perfect viewpoint is a few steps along the river from the bridge to Harumi direction. Not having a lot of street lights, the street is a bit dim. Do walk carefully!

Access to Kachidoki Bridge

The way to Kachidoki Bridge is almost the same as the way to Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, but you will have to get off at a different bus stop. Walk out of Marunouchi South Exit at Tokyo station, take the same bus heading to Harumi for about 15 minutes, and get off at “Kachidokibashi Minamizume (勝どき橋南詰)” bus stop. It is just a few steps from the bridge.

3: Toyomi Suisan Futo – the top secret spot in Harumi area

“Toyomi Suisan Futo (豊海水産埠頭)”, located in the block next to Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, is an area where refrigerated warehouses are densely gathered. It is a hidden place where you do not see any tourists – not even local visitors. Isn’t it a wonderful secret spot to enjoy the silent and peaceful night view all for yourself?

In fact, the view here is not much different from that at Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, whereas Toyomi Suisan Futo is closer to the coastal area where Tokyo Tower and the buildings are located, so you can have a closer look of them. As almost all the buildings you see there are commercial buildings, when people are off from work, the lights making up the fabulous night view are turned off one after one. To enjoy the most fabulous night view, do visit there before 8pm!

Access to Toyomi Suisan Futo

To get to Toyomi Suisan Futo, at Tokyo Station, walk out of Marunouchi South Exit, take a bus bound for Toyomi Suisan Futo, and get off at the final stop. It takes about 24 minutes. As it is pretty complicated to transfer between trains, we strongly recommend you to get there by bus.

4: Harumi Island Triton Square – the perfect spot for strolling and shopping

Harumi is a newly developed waterfront, as the city center. In this area there is a complex commercial facility, “Harumi Island Triton Square (晴海アイランドトリトンスクエア)”, consisting of a handful of condominiums and office buildings.

The lights of offices and shops open until late at night together create an outstandingly stunning night view – the sparkling lights are reflected on the canal nearby, making the night view even more shining. You can best enjoy the dream-like scenery no matter if you appreciate it from afar, or if you take a walk around. Moreover, there is illumination on the rows of cherry trees and terraces along the canal in winter. The colourful illumination matches finely with the light from the skyscrapers behind. The illumination is held from mid November to mid February every year. Be reminded to check for official updates for any changes on the dates!

Consisting of plenty of shops and restaurants, Harumi Island Triton Square is an ideal place to enjoy shopping! The shopping street was designed to reproduce the streets in Southern Europe. The calm atmosphere created there makes it especially popular. On the 2nd floor there is a square where ancient Greek stories are represented, and illustrations are painted on the ceiling and the floor. Paintings of Greek myths are drawn not only inside the square, but also on the garden terraces outside. With gorgeous illumination, the square is coloured with bright lights. The illumination here in Harumi Island Triton Square is particularly popular with local Japanese couples who would like to create sweet memories under such fairy-tale-like scenery.

Access to Harumi Island Triton Square

As the access to Harumi Island Triton Square is not easy by train, it is strongly recommended to get there by bus. Outside “Marunouchi South Exit” at Tokyo station, ride on a bus heading to Harumi Terminal for about 20 minutes, and get off at “Harumi Triton Square Mae (晴海トリトンスクエア前)” bus stop.

Enjoy sightseeing at night!

Around Harumi and Kachidoki Bridge area, there are four recommended spots to enjoy the night view of Tokyo. By the way, it is just 30 minutes if you walk straight from the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal to Kachidoki Bridge, and it takes about an hour to walk around all the four places. For those who enjoy taking strolls, do consider enjoying the stunning night view on foot!