Take your time to feel the time-honoured tradition and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere in Ine, Kyoto

Ine (伊根) is a town located on the coast of the Sea of Japan in the northwestern region of Kyoto prefecture. Ine is best-known for a long row of traditional buildings, called “funaya (舟屋)”, facing the sea. The historical landscape gives you a unique atmosphere from the centre of Kyoto, and is so exceptional that even the very famous Michelin Guide introduces it. Do seize the chance to feel the time-honoured town before its tradition fades out!

Ine lies within the "Kyoto by the Sea" region, Kyoto prefecture

Ine, where the traditional “funaya” are located, lies within the “Kyoto by the Sea” region, and is a bay in the northern area of Kyoto prefecture. From the centre of Kyoto, it is about three hours by train and bus to get there. Although the access is not very fast, Ine is the only place where you can have a taste of the well-preserved tradition and enjoy the unique scenery. It is definitely worth a visit!

"Funaya" is a wooden fishing house with a boat garage built along the seaside

Lining in a long row along the coast, a “funaya” has a boat garage on the first floor and the living area on the second floor.

Ine has been a small village where fishery is the main business since long time ago until nowadays. The fishermen there built their own houses, “funaya”, along the seaside for easier management of their own boats. The unique landscape of Ine is by this way created.

There are 230 "funaya" lining along the Ine Bay

What further makes the Ine Bay a perfect location to park fishermen’s boats is, the wave there is always quiet. As of now, there are 230 “funaya” lining along the bay for about 5 kilometres.

The exceptional scenery is best seen from the middle of the sea!

Go on a cruise and appreciate "funaya" from the middle of the sea!

There is boat cruising for sightseeing available in Ine. Cruise around the Ine Bay to enjoy the beauty of “funaya” for around 25 minutes!

When you look at the “funaya” from the middle of the sea, the “funaya” along the coast seem as if they are floating on the sea. Such amazing sight can only be seen from the middle of the sea, and it gives you a completely different feeling from what you see on land. Certainly a must-see!

Back to the land: explore the historical town!

While most buildings are concentrated in the seaside area, there is just one main street in Ine. The traditional Japanese-style buildings gathered contribute to the nostalgia in the area. Take your time tasting the special atmosphere in the slow-paced old town!

Being such a small fishing village, Ine has no convenience stores or large-scale supermarkets, and is said to have become “a town of the elderly”. Whereas in recent years, there are some young people attracted to the quiet and peaceful environment, and they finally moved there. Now, the sightseeing spots which have been gaining popularity were made by those young people!

A creative cafe: enjoy the sea close to you in a boat garage!

The young people recently moved there remodelled some old “funaya” to be cafes and inns, creating a vigorous atmosphere in the town.

Originally a boat garage, the cafe offers you the closest view to the sea. You can enjoy the relaxing sea view right before your eyes! The cafe has getting more and more popular among not only tourists, but also locals.

Enjoy your time in Ine, a nostalgic town by the Ine Bay

While “Kyoto by the Sea” is far less well-known than the centre of Kyoto among ordinary tourists, it is in fact as charming as the well-known Kyoto, for its well-preserved traditional streets and buildings. Bored with conventional itineraries? Take your time tasting the nostalgic atmosphere lingering around Ine!