A grownup’s day off at Ebisu and Daikanyama

Why don’t you spend some time in a luxurious area just for grownups? Take a walk at “Ebisu” and “Daikanyama,” extravagant shops and residential areas lining up for you!
This time, we will introduce to you “Ebisu Garden Place” and “Daikanyama T-SITE”

An area adjacent to the famous Shibuya crossing

“Ebisu” and “Daikanyama” are located fairly close to one of the biggest shopping areas in Tokyo, Shibuya. Since the famous Shibuya crossing is always full of people, why don’t you try visit these places instead? You will be able to enjoy a completely different atmosphere from Shibuya station.

From Tokyo station (40-minute bus ride from Haneda Airport), take the JR Yamanote line to Ebisu station. The trip would take around 20 minutes.

A place where Japanese people love and admire

“Ebisu Garden Place” got its name from the beer that every Japanese person would have heard of, “Yebisu Beer”. In fact, the beer factory itself is located there, and you may also find other bridges and slopes that are related to Yebisu beer. Ebisu and beer – their relationship is truly inseparable.

This “beer town” has developed thoroughly as a result of urbanization and today, according to Sumitomo Real Estate’s ranking, it is ranked as the number one place to live in.

Let’s take a stroll down the town where every Japanese person admires.

The Landmark of Ebisu

One of the reasons resulting the popularity of Ebisu is the luxuriousness drifting throughout the town. “Ebisu Garden Place,” is the symbol of Ebisu and it is the newest commercial facility built by Sapporo Beer who handles Yebisu beer. In addition, the brick building accompanied by huge arches gives a high-class atmosphere.

Taste the one and only "Ebisu beef" at The Westin Tokyo

As you walk around Ebisu, it is guaranteed that you will pass various elegant shops. However, if you want to experience an exceptional dinner, we recommend you to dine at “Teppanyaki Yebisu” at The Westin Tokyo Hotel.
At the restaurant, you can taste the “Yebisu Beef”. The dinner menu might be a little expensive, but the lunch menu costs around 4000 yen (excluded service fee). It is definitely a must try if you visit Ebisu.

Take a break and feel "Ebisu"

Even though some of the shops and restaurants are a pricey, don’ you worry! There is a rest space on the first floor of Yebisu Garden Place. Grab a cup of coffee and feel free to take a rest. There is also a Starbucks nearby. What makes this Starbucks different to other branches is that Ebisu’s atmosphere will add some luxury to the usual taste of your drink.

After a bit of break, let’s head down to Daikanyama!

Let's take a slow walk and feel the atmosphere

Walking from Ebisu to Daikanyama takes around 20 minutes.

Daikanyama is one of fashionable areas in Japan. It is a place where stylish people gather around, don’t hesitate to show off your fashion at Daikanyama!

One of the fanciest bookstores in Japan

The luxuriousness of Daikanyama lies beyond the residental area. “Daikayama T-SITE” is newly established complex where you can find bookstores, hospitals, cafes and restaurants in the premise.

However, this is not it. Let’s us take you to a bookstore which is said to be the “best” in Japan.

A new encounter with an old book

Tsutaya Books may be said to be the climax of TSUTAYA (biggest DVD/music rental shop chain) with more than 30 years of history.

Ranging from light novels, magazines to a selected number of vintage books can be found here. In addition, there are also foreign books and art / design books, this matches beautifully with the fashionable atmosphere of Daikanyama.

Not only books, there’s music, movies and recommended works. Here, you’ll encounter new things and discover beyond a normal bookstore.

Experience the finest narration at a live piano performance

The cafe at Tsutaya bookstore is a perfect space for adults. The cafe is open until am and you can enjoy their meal and alcohol while reading books. In a space surrounded by books, there is a hotel-like lounge where live piano performances are sometimes held.

Spend some more time travelling!

It is fun to walk in lively places such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, but don’t you feel like having a change and spend time in a calm and quiet place? Ebisu and Daikanyama is just close by!
DeNA TRAVEL will ensure you the most pleasant trip. When in Tokyo, make sure you visit Ebisu and Daikanyama!