Recommended spots for azalea viewing in Hakone

Talking about going to Japan during the spring season, visit Hakone for its beautiful natural landscape and hot springs! In May, Hakone is also full of azalea flowers. Let us take you to the best spots for azalea viewing and here you can experience the “real” spring in Japan.

Speaking of Hakone in spring: azaleas

Hakone is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Speaking of what Hakone is famous for, it is the azaleas. Vivid, pink azaleas can be found at Hakone in May.

We will introduce you to the top spots for azalea viewing

In this article, we will introduce you to the best spots to see azaleas. In this warm weather, be sure to spend a memorable time at Hakone with your family and friends!

Mount Fuji is painted with different shades of pink

Among numerous azalea-viewing sites, firstly let us introduce you to “Yama no Hotel.” There are over 3000 azaleas filling up a 36-acre garden.

From this garden, you can see Mount Fuji from a close distance! The shades of pink in the garden, the clear blue sky and Mount Fuji is one spectacular view. Other than azaleas, there are also rhododendrons and roses here so if you like flowers, mark this place down on your itinerary!

Gora Park

Another popular tourist destination at Hakone is “Gora Park”, and here, various types of flowers bloom throughout the year. In spring, you will find sakuras, rhododendrons and azaleas. The best time to visit this park is early May.

Hotel Kagestuen: where red and white azaleas are in full bloom

Other than pink, you can see red and white azaleas at “Hotel Kagetsuen”, The contrast between red and white flowers gives a Japanese-like atmosphere and they are charming in its own way. There is no admission fee to the garden and you don’t need to be a hotel guest to visit!

Explore the historical environment at "Houraien"

Lastly, we will introduce you to “Horaien”, which is one of the historic sites famous for azaleas.
This garden was founded by an owner of an inn at the beginning of 20th century. The admission to the garden is free and there are 10 types of azaleas and these flowers covering 170000sqm of the garden. Anyone who stops by will be amazed at the amount of azaleas in the area.

Relax at the hot spring

Visiting a few azalea parks will take some time walking to get to each place. After spending time at azalea parks, there are a few hot springs nearby so feel free to relax after a long walk.

Visit Hakone for the best azalea spots!

Don’t forget to visit Japan during spring at stop by Hakone for the best landscapes of azalea.
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