Let's explore Gotanda and enjoy budget shopping!

There is a town in Tokyo called Gotanda, which is popular among local students and salarymen. It is seldom recommended for tourists, but in fact is a heaven for budget shopping!

Comestics, clothes, sports equipment, cooking utensils, etc… It is not surprising that many tourists enjoy shopping a lot in Japan, as the products made in Japan are well-known for its high quality. I bet when you visit Japan, it is often seeing tourists buying tons of luxuries in tax-free shops. But do you have any ideas where to have a bargain? Gotanda! So in this article, we are going to introduce this perfect place for budget shopping.

Shopping streets for salarymen and students

The urban centres of Tokyo are connected by a railway line, Yamanote line, which is running in a circle. And Gotanda station is on Yamanote line, which means you can get to Gotanda from most of the major stations readily. Such easy access brings many universities and offices locating there. So it is always bustling even on weekdays.

Have you heard of SONY, the company well-known in the world for its game players and smartphones? Most of its offices are located in the area around Gotanda, which makes that area being called “SONY village”!

Sales almost every day: Dig treasures in Gotanda TOC building

The shopping streets in Gotanda is so attractive to salarymen and students that it becomes their regular place of shopping. The shops there offer various goods ranging from daily necessities to weird items that you won’t believe there is anyone who will buy. Besides the wide range of goods offering, what makes you even more excited is they have sales almost every single day! And tax-free shops are everywhere! Enjoy budget shopping, and explore interesting items. It is like digging for a treasure, and you must be surprised at the bargain!
Gotanda is such a shopping heaven, isn’t it? Well, here comes the heaven of the heaven: Gotanda TOC building (五反田TOCビル). Let’s go!

Branded Cosmetics at half price?! Find your bargain!

Cosmetics products are the best selling items in Japan. It is said that Japan’s cosmetics products are of the best quality in the world. While the products are generally affordable to everybody, visitors to Japan usually buy really a lot of cosmetics when shopping. So where should you buy cosmetics at a bargain? At a tax-free shop so that you save the 8% tax? Too naive! Gotanda TOC building is not that dull at all!

Gotanda TOC building is where you can buy branded cosmetics at half price of its original price! I bet you won’t even feel guilty for buying too much when it is such a bargain. Don’t miss the chance!

25 clothing boutiques! Maze of fashion

Here you can find not only cosmetics, but also clothes. There are actually more than 25 clothing boutiques in the building, including well-known fast fashion chains and unqiue boutiques offering stylish clothes. Each of them offers clothes of good quality at a low price. So, be careful! It is very likely for fashion lovers to be trapped in the maze of fashion in Gotanda TOC building! I am sure you enjoy it though.

Even branded sports equipment and goods!

Japan’s sports equipment and goods are as superior as its cosmetics and clothes. But the price is usually not so friendly, as valuable special materials are necessary to produce sports gears and goods. Despite of the high cost, the sports equipment shops in Gotanda TOC building still offers sales for a variety of products, such as sports shoes and sports bags. In winter, they have products for skiing and snowboarding, displaying at the shops. Sports lovers, grab this chance to renew your gear!

For golfers, go up to the rooftop, and you can practice golf there! There is a golf pratice range on the rooftop, where you can have a broad vision and enjoy the wide sky. The range offers golf items too, so isn’t it perfect to try on the sportswear you just buy?

You can get anything you want there

There are just too many shops offering too many products that it is impossible to introduce all. Shops providing cooking utensils and daily goods, shops selling home electric appliances and bicycles, shops offering… etc. Go to Gotanda TOC building, and start your journey to dig for treasures! You never know what you will find.

Marvelous power of mystery stones

Let me briefly introduce what special items you can find in Gotanda TOC building.

Do you believe in mysterious power that science can’t explain yet? “Power stone” is famous in Japan for its power to protect people from bad luck, and to help dreams come true. It is widely used as accessory in Japan and people wear it every moment to make sure the power follows them all the time. Want to get one? You can get power stones in Gotanda TOC building too! No matter whether you believe in the mystery power or not, a natural crystal is stunningly sparkling, isn’t it?

One point to notice is, the power in power stones does not last forever. It is said that after wearing it for too long, some kind of bad elements will somehow be attracted to the power stone. So, it is a must to purify the stone regularly, in order to let the power last. For the purification, you will need a specific item, which is of course, is available in Gotanda TOC building as well. The item is, white sage, one kind of herbs. You can hardly find white sage in general shops in Japan, whereas it is for sale in Gotanda TOC building at a reasonable price.

No matter whether you are going to buy any of the special items, it is really worthy to go around the unusual shops and take a glance at the rare items in Gotanda TOC building!

Take a rest at the restaurant there

Shopping for hours is exhausting! When you get tired while exploring interesting items in Gotanda TOC building, you may take rest at the restaurants on B1 floor of the building. Not having to walk outside and look for restaurants is so convenient!

There are Japanese cuisine for sure, and cuisines of different countries, such as Chinese food, Indian food, etc… offered by more than 20 restaurants. You have a range of choices there!

Explore for bargains in Gotanda!

Gotanda station is just 25 minutes from Haneda airport by train. First, take Keikyu line at Haneda airport to Shinagawa station, which takes you about 15 minutes. Then, transfer to Yamanote line at Shinagawa station and it is only a 5-minute train ride to Gotanda station. From the station, it is a 10-minute walk to Gotanda TOC building. Or you may take a free shuttle bus instead of walking, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage.

Gotanda: the best choice for budget shopping

I guess there is not any other places better than Gotanda for budget shopping, with so many shops selling goods at reasonable prices, and restaurants to take rest and have good meals. Can’t wait anymore? Find cheap air tickets to Tokyo on DeNA TRAVEL!