Enjoy spring in Ueno Zoo! Perfect combination of stunning sakura and lazy animals

Ueno Zoo is the oldest zoo in Japan. It is located in Ueno, one of the best places to enjoy sakuras. You can enjoy sakuras in the zoo too! The zoo also offers you animal shows and spring events. Let’s go to Ueno Zoo and you will be surprised at how fast time goes by!

A perfect place to enjoy sakura

Every year when spring comes, there are always full of people enjoying sakura in Ueno Park. Ueno zoo is just next to the park. There 6 kinds of sakura in the zoo. The stunning sakura together with different kinds of cute animals make a spectacular scenery!

Take a relaxing walk in the zoo

The sakura flowers will be blooming in different corners of the zoo. They generally bloom at the end of March, but the exact date varies every year, depending on the weather. Let’s feel the joyful and warm atmosphere created by the beautiful sakura and cute animals in the zoo!

Don’t forget to take plenty of photos! It is such a rare chance to meet sakura and so many animals at one time.

Spring events: animals enjoying the taste of spring

There are special events in the zoo, for celebrating the coming of spring. For example in 2016, there were quizzes for exploring the secrets of animals, shows of animals enjoying “the taste of spring”, which is actually vegetables harvested in spring, and events of the sort. Through such spring events, we can get to know more about the animals, and enjoy observing them. Don’t you think it is meaningful?

Get healed here!

Japan’s spring is warm and comfortable, which makes not only us, but the animals also about to fall asleep all the time in a day! It heals you by only looking at the relaxed animals passing the day lazily.

Have a picnic enjoying sakura

Why don’t you enjoy sakuras and your lunch at the same time? “Panda bento”,  which is a box lunch, is highly recommended! You may find it in Cafe Chameleon, a restaurant in the park. It is steamed glutinous rice with vegetables mixed in, and there is a cute panda face made on top. “Panda bento” is always kids’ favourite!

Besides animals: another must-go spot to enjoy sakura

In Ueno Zoo, there is a Buddhist temple, which is called “Kan’eiji”. It is classified as one of the Important Cultural Properties by the government. “Kan’eiji” is famous for its five-storied pagoda, when which meets the sakura, the scenery is breathtaking! Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the perfect match!

Fast and easy access: 7 minutes from Tokyo station

Ueno Zoo is close to the urban centre, so the access is super easy.

From Tokyo station, take a 7-minute train ride to Ueno station. Then, from the station, it is a 5-minute walk to Ueno Zoo.

Let's go to the pink painted Ueno Zoo!

Pink sakuras and the blue sky make a delightful contrast for spring. Let the pink painted zoo enrich your spring, and chill out with the lazy animals there! For a wonderful spring this year, book your flights with DeNA Travel.