Get blessed with luck in love and business at Hie Shrine, a shrine with monkeys as the guardian god

Hie Shrine is a Shinto shrine having a high reputation for blessing worshipers with luck in love, success in business, safe childbirth, and things of the sort. Monkeys are the guardian god of the shrine. In this article, we are introducing the charms of Hie Shrine, and how it is special among the many shrines in Japan.

Monkeys as the guardian god? What a distinctive shrine it is!

It is rather a common sight in Japan that shrines have guardian gods in shapes of animals. They are usually dogs or foxes, whereas the guardian god of Hie Shrine is in shapes of monkeys. The word “monkey” in Japanese is “en” (猿), which sounds the same as the word “karma” in Japanese, “en” (縁). It means the relationship with everybody in the world. For this reason, not a few worshipers visit the shrine and pray for better relationship with people, as well as luck in love.

It is distinctive to have the guardian god in the shape of monkeys. What makes the shrine even more exceptional is, it is equipped with escalators. Thereby, those who have difficulty climbing stairs, especially the elderly, can easily get to Hie Shrine and worship, for which the shrine decidedly wins its popularity.

The two statues of monkeys give you different blessings

When you face the front of the shrine, at the left side there is a statue of a female monkey holding a baby monkey. As the statue is said to bless worshipers with safe childbirth and good health of children, it is particularly popular with women.

At the right side, there is a statue of a male monkey. It is said to bless worshipers with wealth and good commerce. Believe it or not, pat the statues gently, and good luck will come to you!

Good-luck charms exclusively available at Hie Shrine

Exclusively available at Hie Shrine, the good-luck charms represent the guardian god of the shrine, that is to say, the monkeys. They are well-liked by visitors not only for being believed to give blessings, but for its sophisticated appearance. Do not hesitate to get one before they are sold out!

Sanno festival, one of the biggest three festivals in Japan

Hie Shrine offers you more than just monkey statues! Sanno festival, one of the very famous festivals in Tokyo, is held at the shrine every year in June. The festival has long years of history, and the tradition is being preserved until today. It is absolutely worth a visit!

A hidden spot: another shrine inside for a fresh start

Sarutahiko Shrine is another shrine inside Hie Shrine. It is a very small shrine and is said to be a miraculous power spot. Sarutahiko Shrine is dedicated to the god of “start”. Worshipers come and pray for a good start, such as when entering a new company, and especially when a new year starts. It is getting more and more popular recently.

The access is easy and fast – do visit when you travel to Tokyo!

Hie Shrine is just a 3 minutes walk from Akasaka station. From Tokyo station, take a 15-minute train ride and you arrive at Akasaka station. As it is situated in the centre of Tokyo, the access is super fast and easy. Include it in your itinerary!

Be blessed with lots of luck at Hie shrine!

It must be a great experience to visit such a distinctive shrine with your friends and family. Be blessed together! Book your trip with us, and start planning the itinerary!