Feel the warmth of spring in Hokkaido! Lake Toya, best place to take walks and enjoy flower blossoms

Isn’t it relaxing to take a walk and enjoy the warm spring breeze? When you travel to Japan, do take walks around Lake Toya! It is a great place recommended by many walkers. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the stunning flowers there to make your walk especially memorable!

Lake Toya, the most representative place in Hokkaido

Lake Toya, located in Hokkaido, is a caldera lake formed by the eruption of a volcano that occurred about 120,000 years ago. There are four islands floating in the center of the lake, which brings the lake a mysterious atmosphere and makes it special. The lake is famous as the venue for some leading marathons in Japan, so there are many people visiting it every year.

Since there are a few popular hot springs in the area around Lake Toya, you simply don’t have to worry about transportation. From New Chitose Airport, take a train bound for Minami Chitose. At Minami Chitose station, transfer to a train to Toya station. It takes approximately an hour and 30 minutes from the airport to Toya station, and the access is considerably easy.

Let's start the walk! Lake Toya is recommended by Japan Walking Association

Japan Walking Association is an organization organized by people who love walking. It aims at developing the walking culture through various activities. Not only is the organization active in Japan, but it also participates in walking competitions in the world.

The professional walkers in Japan Walking Association have selected 500 walking courses in Japan to put in their recommendation list, namely “the roads which you want to walk in the beautiful Japan”. Fifteen places have been selected from Hokkaido, and Lake Toya is one of them. Trust me, spending your day at Lake Toya sets you at ease.

Sightseeing at Lake Toya in the warm spring

Hokkaido, where Lake Toya is located, is Japan’s coldest region, and has snowy winters. In view of its cold weather, it is said that Hokkaido is a perfect place for winter sports, such as snowboarding and skiing. While it is not easy for those who can’t stand the cold to survive in Hokkaido, when spring comes, it becomes warm and everyone is comfortable with the weather. What’s more, with the coming of warm weather, the cherry blossoms start blooming. Don’t you think it is exactly the perfect season to visit Lake Toya?

The cherry blossoms in Hokkaido will be at their best from the beginning of May to the middle of June, which is relatively late compared to other places in Japan. So if you have already missed the cherry blossoms in April, visit Hokkaido. Don’t miss this last chance! And while the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the plum blossoms are at their best as well. So you can enjoy the two kinds of stunning flowers at the same time. Both are must-sees!

Let’s take a walk around Lake Toya and feel the warm spring breeze!

Visit a historical temple to enjoy the adorable flowers

If you are wondering which spot to enjoy cherry blossoms at Lake Toya, Usu Zenkoji temple is highly recommended for you. The temple has a long history of more than one hundred years, and the park there is particularly popular for cherry blossom viewing.

The historical architecture is a wonderful background for the lovely cherry blossoms. The very old cherry tree, which is 190 years old, is a must-see too!

Even more popular than the cherry blossoms – the plum blossoms!

Speaking of the spring at Lake Toya, the plum blossoms are another famous attraction. Lake Toya is rich in nature. Cherry blossoms are not the only flowers it offers. When spring comes, the plum flowers bloom vividly too. Its popularity is by no means less than that of the cherry blossoms! The best time to visit the plum grove in Sobetsu park is from mid May to late May, when the flowers are in full bloom.

The plum trees in Sobetsu park are grown openly without any fence surrounding them. It means that, there is no obstacle at all, and you can enjoy the widest view ever of the vivid flowers and the mountains far away. With the decoration of the plum blossoms, Lake Toya is just exceptionally breathtaking. Do come and enjoy this irreplaceable scenery, which best represents the spring of Lake Toya.

Let's visit Lake Toya and take a walk!

The Lake Toya in spring is coloured pink by stunning plum blossoms and cherry blossoms. Don’t you feel wonderful looking at it? Let’s enjoy your relaxing spring walks at Lake Toya. The place is highly recommended by not only laymen, but also professional walkers. Find cheap flights to Hokkaido with us, and go for a spring trip! We offer you the best deals!