Enrich your spring by stunning Nemophilas and fresh fruit picking

If you are planning to travel to Japan in spring, Hitachi Seaside Park is the perfect choice for you. The park offers a gorgeous field of Nemophila flowers, which are commonly known as baby blue eyes flowers. When the field of blue fills your sight, it is simply as spectacular as a movie scene!

And not far from the park, there are lots of orchards where fruit picking is available. So don’t forget to include this in your bucket list!

Access to Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park is located about 2 hours from Tokyo station by limited express train or by highway bus.

From Tokyo station, take a limited express train to Katsuta station, the closest train station to the park. Then transfer for a bus towards Hitachi Seaside Park and get off at “Seaside Park West Entrance” or “Seaside Park South Entrance”.

Or you may take a highway bus at Tokyo station Yaesu south exit and get off at “Seaside Park West Entrance” or “Seaside Park Entrance”.

Best time to see Nemophilas

The Nemophila flowers in the park bloom from late April to mid-May. Generally, the blossoms are at their best by early May. So the best advice is to visit there between the end of April and the start of May. Don’t miss the full bloom!

The Nemophila field is in “Miharashi Area”

Hitachi Seaside Park covers an area of 200 hectares and features a large number of various flowers well-arranged in different fields. The Nemophila field is located in “Miharashi Area”, which is a 15-minute walk from West entrance gate. Nemophilas are not the only flowers the park has in spring. It also offers flowers like narcissuses, tulips and roses.

Take pictures with splendid Nemophilas

About 4.5 million of Nemophila flowers are planted in “Miharashi Area”, fully covering the rolling hills. To have a carpet of blue flowers decorating your pictures, you don’t really need any professional photographic techniques. Just stand in front of the field, ask anyone to press the shutter button and you will have a stunning portrait! It is a rare chance to have such numerous flowers enriching your photos, isn’t it? Take photos of yourself, and don’t hesitate to take with your beloved ones too!

Other varieties of flowers blooming in spring

In “Daisogen Flower Garden”, the Poppy flowers bloom from early May to early June. Unlike the blue Nemophila field, the field of Poppies is in vivid red that catches your eyes!

At the same time, the roses in “Rose Garden” have started blooming too, while the perfect timing to enjoy the flowers is supposedly from mid-May. Anyways, why not have a look?

The Nemophila Curry

The Nemophila Curry is a limited edition, for sale only in the Nemophila blooming season at Hitachi Seaside Park. The curry is of the same colour as the blue Nemophilas. It doesn’t look like food at all at first glance. But when you really eat it, you won’t doubt that it is a typical Japanese curry. Rose Pork, a kind of branded pork, is used in the curry, which makes the curry surprisingly delicious.

Drop by on the way for fresh fruit picking

When you are on the way back after having fun at Hitachi Seaside Park, how about dropping by an orchard and going for fresh fruit picking? Ibaraki Prefecture, where Hitachi Seaside Park is located, is a top producer of various kinds of fruits in Japan. There are really lots of orchards in the area!

“Kenko Tasshaka Mura Fukasaku Noen” is a fruit farm and you may enjoy picking fresh organic strawberries there until May. Its EM Organic Farming method makes for strawberries which look bright and taste naturally sweet, while it avoids using chemicals like pesticides and artificial fertilizers. The fruit farm is also offering Strawberry Baum Kuchen and Strawberry Daifuku made from their own organic strawberries. These two kinds of strawberry cakes are so hot that they often get introduced by media.

Melon: another choice for fruit picking

“Forest Park Melon-no-mori” is an orchard where you can pick melons during the two seasons in a year, the first being from May to July, the second being from mid-September to late October. A perfectly ripe melon can be really tasty!

Enjoy the flowers and fruits in Japan!

In this itinerary, you can enjoy the Nemophila flowers and try to pick fresh fruits yourself in a day. What else are you waiting for? Book a trip on DeNA TRAVEL! It’s simple and easy to use. Enjoy!