All-you-can-eat: fill up your stomach with luxury cherries!

Cherries have a mixed taste of sweet and sour. They are so delicious yet small that you never feel enough no matter how many you eat. In Japan, this doesn’t seem like a problem!

While fruit picking is getting very popular in Japan, cherries are of course one kind of fruits that is available for picking. Let’s experience cherry picking in Japan, and eat as many cherries as you like!

Japanese cherries are soft

If you walk around a supermarket in Japan, you will find that most of the cherries are produced in either Japan or the United States. The Japanese cherries are called “Sakurambo” and the American ones are called “American Cherry”.

American cherries are of hard skin to withstand the rigours of transportation, while Japanese cherries are of thin skin, which makes two completely different textures for the two kinds of cherries.

However, since Japanese cherries are generally expensive, it is regarded as one sort of luxury fruits.

Eat as many delicious cherries as you like!

Can you believe that such luxury cherries are available in cherry picking, and you can eat as many as you want at a bargain price? This is not a dream!

The cherry-producing area is in some cooler regions on the east side of Japan. In those regions, there are many orchards where cherry picking is open to public from June to July. Cherry picking becomes popular with both local visitors and foreign visitors, as they can enjoy the most fresh fruits!

Various kinds of cherries available for picking

Now, let me introduce several species of cherries you can enjoy in Japan. I hope it helps when you are deciding which orchard to visit!

First of all, the most popular cherry species in Japan is “Satonishiki”, which features a very sweet taste and rich juice. It is the most produced cherry species in Japan.

You can enjoy “Satonishiki” in Yamagata prefecture, which is 2.5 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train in English).

Second, “Gassannishiki” is a yellow cherry which is commonly called “a cherry of dream” for its colour. It is not easy to find cherries of this species in the market. As it is difficult to cultivate “Gassannishiki”, it becomes extremely expensive and can cost 100 yen per grain.

Although the admission is not cheap, you can have all-you-can-eat yellow cherries at “Ohashi Cherry Farm” in Hokkaido, which we will introduce later in this article.

The last one we are going to introduce is “Benishuho”, which is also a cherry species produced in Yamagata Prefecture. It is bigger than “Satonishiki”, a little bit chewy, and very sweet too.

Except for the ones introduced above, there are still many other kinds of cherries. Find your favourite!

How to choose tasty cherries

Everyone wants to get the most delicious cherries, right? especially when you have the opportunity to pick it yourself.

The tip here for you is, pick cherries at a higher part of a tree. It is because cherries at higher positions are likely to have absorbed more sunlight, and hence have grown better. Also, cherries in bright red with big leaves are usually sweet!

Gunma: cherries safe to kids too

It is definitely a perfect choice to visit “Kajitsutei” if you have children with you. “Kajitsutei” is recognized by the government as an environmentally friendly orchard that suppresses the use of pesticides.

Another advantage is its quick access. The orchard is located in Gunma prefecture and it takes only about an hour by train from Tokyo to Gunma prefecture. If you go in the right season, there will also be apples and peaches available for picking. So for those who are interested, don’t miss it!

Hokkaido: a taste rewarded by the government

“Ohashi Cherry Farm” in Hokkaido, which was just mentioned above, was awarded a prize from the government for its tasty cherries. It is where you can have a taste of the yellow cherries, “Gassannishiki”, as introduced.

Yamanashi: a cherry orchard of 30 years of history

The last one we are introducing in this article is “Marutakara-noen”, located in Yamanashi prefecture. “Marutakara-noen” has 30 years of history, and is mainly cultivating “Satonishiki”, which occupies 80% of the orchard. The cherries are grown in greenhouses, so you don’t have to worry even if it rains!

Fill up your stomach with yummy cherries! Have a luxury experience

Isn’t it the best idea to enjoy yummy cherries in an orchard where at the same time you can witness how the cherries are carefully cultivated? For fruit lovers, cherry picking is surely a must try!

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